Slytherin: Opal Snake Ring – 925 Sterling Silver

  • Size:
    US: 7.5 | UK: O| Diameter: 17.6mm
  • Material: Sterling silver 92.5
  • Band color: Silver
  • Gemstone: Ethiopian Opal
  • Handmade item

We just love how the snake we handcrafted hugs and envelops an incredible specimen of opal. The play of light and the bright colours shining from within this black gem are greens, oranges, yellows and red. It is just as if it lit up magically.

How to Style?

This ring is just stunning, so it would go well in every occasion!

Ethiopian Opal: Special care and instructions:

Ethiopian opals are spectacular gems and require a bit of care, wash your opal jewellery avoid using harsh chemicals. Avoid wearing your opal jewellery if you are planning on swimming or keep it submerged for long periods of time. When submerged for more than 5 minutes, Ethiopian opals will lose some of their play of colours. This change is only temporary and once the gem will dry out it will go back to the vivid, brilliant colour display in a few days.




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About Opals

Precious, literally.

The world opal comes from the latin opalus which literally translates to precious stone. Opals have been in fact used in jewellery and artefacts for more than 4000 of years, due to their incredible appearance and play of colour. Countless artists have used opal as their muse for inspirations for thousands of years.

Mysterious origin and life within.

We know opals take thousands and thousands of years to form. It’s a very slow and complex process that adds to their beauty and preciousness. It takes about 5 million years to form 1 cm of opal. The exact process by which opals form is still a debate among geologists and gemologists.

All about the fire.

There are many kinds of opal and the main measure of their preciousness is given by the so called “fire” or play of colours displayed on the stone. The colours that appear from the black background of this opal have a multi-dimensional display, this stone lights up as if it had magic within!

About the design

This Slytherin opal snake ring, features a gorgeous Ethiopian opal with an incredible play of colours. See the colours dancing inside this stone when looking at it from a different angles!

Why Slytherin? Well, just like the Slytherin house in Harry Potter and other villains, snakes often get a worse reputation than they deserve. They are actually mild, shy and quiet animals that do not bite unless someone attacks them or steps on them.

Ever liked a villain more than the hero in a movie? Most people dislike villains and are of quick judgement. Some people though, will admit that they are often more fascinating, interesting and complex characters. This dark, witchy design is for the people who are not afraid to show their dark and mysterious side to the world and who might look quiet at first but are ready to bite if someone dares to step on them!



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