Secrets of the Pyramid Carved Tourmaline Ring

  • Size:
    Open back – Wearable by anyone.
  • Material: Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Band Color: Silver
  • Gemstone: Tourmaline
  • Handmade Item

In ancient Egypt, tourmaline was considered a very magical and powerful gemstone. Used in many rituals and mentioned in a lot of myths. This very specimen of tourmaline has a beautiful purple/burgundy hue and it’s been magnificently carved into a pyramid shaped piece. The gemstone of October, is the perfect choice to wear for creative spirits as it’s been used by painters, musicians and creative spirits who believed it boosts creativity and out of the box thinking.

How to Style?

This ring is the perfect accessory for when you will wear dark clothes or hues of purple and burgundy. Very bold yet elegant, the perfect choice for an evening out.



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About Tourmaline

The Rainbow Gemstone.

Tourmaline is also called “rainbow gemstone” because it comes in almost every colour. One of the ancient Egyptian stories behind tourmaline’s dazzling colours is that this gemstone passed through a rainbow on its way to planet Earth.

A Supercharged Crystal.

One of the most fascinating properties of Tourmaline is that it becomes electrically charged when rubbed or warmed. When charged, tourmaline can be used to attract small objects such as paper and dust! It was renamed ‘Aschentrekker’ (Ash puller) by Dutch traders who used it to draw out ash from their pipes.

Creativity Booster.

Tourmaline has been used throughout the centuries by writers, artists and painters as it was believed to enhance creativity and strengthening body and spirit.


About the design

Tourmaline is a very resistant and strong gem (7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale). Thanks to its strength is one of the gems of choice when it comes to creative carving.

We placed the carved crystal on a perfectly round oxidised silver plate to give it more prominence.

We chose this beautiful piece of tourmaline carved out as a pyramid because we are fascinated by all the myths, legends and stories about this stone that originated in ancient Egypt. It’s part of our Star collection because of the link between pyramids, astronomy and Egyptian myths.

Tourmaline is the birthstone of October and is the perfect gift for someone born this month or with a creative spirit.


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