Orbit: Cantera Opal Ring – 925 Sterling Silver

  • Size: Adjustable (open back)
  • Material: Sterling silver 92.5
  • Band color: Silver
  • Gemstone: Mexican Fire Opal, Cantera Opal
  • Handmade item

Cantera opals are without doubt one of our favourite stones. It’s just incredible how the colours shining through the window at the centre of this stone change according to light and viewing angle.

All Cantera opals come from a few Mexican states, as these are the only regions in the world where this gem is available. We spent hours going through a big selection of Cantera opals before choosing this one. We chose it because of its unique pattern and the incredible, strong fire and play of colour in the centre of the stone. A silver ball resting on a wire circle “orbits” around the stone, enhancing the perfect round cut of the cabochon.



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About Cantera Opal

Fire Through the Window.

Cantera Opal is a type of Opal mined only in a few states in Mexico. Also known as Mexican fire opal. These stones exhibit a gorgeous play of light that peeks through a transparent window of another stone called Rhyolite.

Mysterious origin and life within.

We know opals take thousands and thousands of years to form. It’s a very slow and complex process that adds to their beauty and preciousness. It takes about 5 million years to form 1 cm of opal. The exact process by which opals form is still a debate among geologists.

All about the looks

There are many kinds of opal and the main measure of their preciousness is given by the so called “fire” or play of colours displayed inside the stone. We had to go through many Mexican opals before finding one that had both a bright and strong play of colours within as well as a beautiful pattern on the surrounding Rhyolite.

About the design

The play of colour and iridescence of the gem in this Mexican fire Opal is stunning and  paired with the perfect round shape of the Rhyolite looks even better! Being of such a perfect shape, we decided to take inspiration from planets and crafted a unique bezel with a ball of silver that seem to orbit around the stone.

This handmade silver opal ring will catch everyone’s eyes. And the play of colour displayed by the gem is other-worldly.



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