Fire Agate Silver Ring – 925 Sterling Silver – Small

  • Size:
    US: 7 | UK: N | Diameter: 17.2mm
  • Material: Sterling silver 92.5
  • Band color: Silver
  • Gemstone: Fire Agate
  • Handmade item

This gorgeous ring features a truly unique specimen of Fire Agate. A dark brown stone that displays stunning bright flashes of red, yellow, red and green light. When moving it, looks like fire and lava are dancing on the surface of this beautiful crystal. 

How to Style?

You can wear this gemstone with pretty much anything. It is a truly stunning piece and is suitable for every day wear as well as for special occasion. A great setting would be in the evenings, at dinners or parties, because of the dark surface and the incredible plays of light.



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About Fire Agate

A well kept secret.

Fire agate is a rare crystal that despite its beauty hasn’t been heavily promoted. It’s impossible to cut two pieces in the same way and it’s not suitable for mass produced and commercial jewellery. A craftsman needs to create the right setting for each stone on a case to case basis.

Comes from volcanoes, looks like volcanoes.

Fire agate is available only in certain areas of Mexico that subjected to massive volcanic activity around 25 million years ago. It’s a rare, beautiful and unusual brown gem that reflects flashes of orange, red, yellow and green light. The play of light is so intense that looks like real fire.

The stone of fire in Alchemy.

Alchemists throughout history believed fire agate to contain the essence of fire. They used it in rituals to encourage people to speak up for themselves.

It’s black opal’s stronger sister.

People often compare fire agate to black opal, because they are both dark gems that display bright flashes of light. However fire agate is a way stronger and durable type of crystal suitable for every day wear.

About the design

We custom crafted a bezel for this unique gemstone and added some hand stamped lines to add texture as decorations

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Fire Agate


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