Liquid Gold – Baltic Amber Brass Ring

  • Size:
    US: 7 | UK: N | Diameter: 17.2mm
  • Material: Nickel free brass
  • Band Color: Golden
  • Gemstone: Amber
  • Handmade Item


The most unique and loved design we have! A beautiful clear and bright piece of amber and a round brass circle seem to be floating over the hand of the wearer without any support.

How to Style?

We can’t really think of an outfit that won’t look good with this piece. The design is so unique and original that it will get everyone’s attention no matter what you are wearing.



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About Amber

A Gem that comes from Trees

Unlike most gemstones, Amber is not a mineral or a rock. It’s hardened resin secreted from trees. The resin released from the tree it’s part of its immune system and when it hardens it turns solid and exhibits incredible translucent colours. It takes millions of years for resin to turn into amber and it will happen only if the conditions are perfect.

It Gave its Name to Electricity.

The word for amber in ancient Greek is Elektron. Electricity was named after amber because when rubbed against a cloth this gem could produce sparks and attract feathers and other small objects!

Earth’s Polaroid

Many creatures have been trapped in amber for millions of years and perfectly preserved: Most of the times mosquitoes, flies and other insects. However scientists have found all sorts of things inside this gems, including dinosaur feathers! Thanks to Amber researchers identified a lot of extinct species.

Used for Protection

Throughout history people used this gem as a charm and a protection talisman. Especially to ward off snakebites, evil forces and witches!

About the design

We set out to find a very clear and bright piece of amber to realise this design. We wanted it to represent the sun and most importantly to be the centre piece of a truly unique design. 

So when we finally found the perfect piece of amber, we got on the bench and designed this beautiful ring as part of our star collection. We achieved a beautiful effect: The amber and the brass circle around it seem to float over the hand of the wearer without any support.


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