Sterling Silver Minimalistic Moonstone Ring

  • Size:
    US: 7 | UK: N | Diameter: 17.2mm
  • Material: Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Band Color: Silver
  • Gemstone: Moonstone
  • Handmade Item

Selecting the best gemstones takes a lot of time, patience and effort. However, the selection process pays off when you finally find a truly special piece like this unique top grade moonstone. Simple yet elegant and easy to wear in every occasion. A darker ring around the stone makes it stand out, while a few hand stamped lines give an extra touch without overcomplicating the piece.

How to Style?

The minimalistic look and the simplicity of this ring make it a perfect choice for everyday wear. Be at work, at a casual brunch or more formal occasions, this ring is very easy to pair. Choosing a darker clothing will make the shine of the gem stand out even more when it glides through the surface.



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About Moonstones

Moonstone has captivated jewellery lovers for centuries. Its white and seemingly simple appearance stuns the viewers as it displays incredible plays of light called Adularescence. 

This very phenomenon is where the stone gets its name from. The light shines and glides over the surface of this crystal just like moonlights does over the surface of the ocean.

Ancient cultures believed moonstones got their spectacular shine directly from moonbeams and associated the stone’s power with the moon. This stone has always been thought as a lucky charm for the wearer and capable of bringing love and affection.

About the design

Every year, we go through thousands and thousands of stones while visiting our suppliers and we don’t stop looking until we have found something truly remarkable, be it in quality or appearance. This moonstone was no exception.

Given the beauty and high grade of the stone, we opted for a very simple and minimalistic design. We just added a small border around the moonstone and hand stamped a few minimalistic decorations. This piece is the perfect choice for when you’ll want to rock a spectacular, shiny jewel without too many complications. Pure elegance.




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