Psychedelia – Top Grade Pietersite Pendant

  • Material: Sterling silver 92.5
  • Gemstone: Pietersite
  • Handmade item

This specimen of pietersite is just unbelievable. No wonder pietersite is also known as the tempest stone. The white shining inclusion appear, disappear and morph on the surface giving an incredible effect called chatoyancy. It almost looks like hurricanes on a dark sea seen from above. This stone really feels like its alive!

Measuring almost 10cm in length, this piece will definitely draw everyone’s attention.

How to Style?

The minimalistic look and the simplicity of this pendant make it a perfect choice for everyday wear. Wear it on top of dark clothing so the silver flashes of light gliding on the stone surface will stand out even more!



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About Pietersite

A Recent discovery.

Sid Pieters discovered this stone and named it after his father just in 1962! Even if it’s a rare and very beautiful stone, it’s not well known nor used extensively in jewellery making. This silver pietersite pendant will definitely stand out.

A Rare, stunning mix.

Pietersite is actually a mix of other crystals: tiger’s eye and hawk’s eye. This type of crystal can only be found in Henan province (China) and in Namibia and it really is one of a kind.

The “Tempest Stone”

The most incredible thing about this stone is surely its unique optical effect called chatoyancy. On its black surface golden and silver shiny twirls of light appear and morph. It’s almost as watching a hurricane move over a dark sea from above. Watch the video to see it in action:

About the design

The visual effects and moving light of this stone are so stunning that we opted to leave no distraction at all around such a beautiful crystal. A minimalistic design that focuses on this rare and exquisite gem.


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