Fire Snake – Bumblebee Jasper Pendant.

  • Material: Sterling silver 92.5
  • Gemstone: Bumblebee Jasper
  • Handmade item

From the intensity of its oranges and warm colours, you can definitely tell that Bumblebee Jasper is a stone related to fire! It was discovered very recently, just in the 1990’s close to a volcano in west Java (Indonesia). The yellows and oranges present due to inclusion of several minerals are incredibly intense and the way the inclusions are distributed on its surface give this stone incredible patterns.

How to Style?

It is a slim pendant, with a beautiful and delicate design. It would look great with a turquoise or blue top to contrast the oranges and make the gemstone stand out even more.



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About Bumblebee Jasper

It’s a newly discovered stone.

In the world of gemology, this stone is the new kid in the block. In fact it was discovered only in the 1990’s in Papayandam volcano, Indonesia. This is the only location available and this stone is most likely not available elsewhere. In fact, the formation of this rock it’s truly a rare occurrence in nature.

A little poison inside.

Among the elements within Bumblebee jaspers you will find Arsenic. Considered to be both the “King of Poisons” and the “Poisons of Kings” throughout history. Used by power hungry royals, aristocrats and spies to neutralise their enemies. Nothing to worry about though as this stone just carries amounts that are barely traceable and it’s totally safe to wear.

About the design

The beauty of bumblebee jasper resides in its very intense yellows and oranges and this specimen is no exception. Given its unusual beautiful elongated shape, we decided to pair it with a sinuous design and named this sterling silver pendant “Fire Snake”. Very delicate and yet bold.


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