Giving back

Introducing the Love the Oceans initiative

What if with a conscious shopping choice you could make the world a better place? What if you could shop and do good knowing that your new order helps cleaning up the ocean?

Being two ocean lovers, (Davide is a surfer and J a diver) our founders set out to find a trusted and hands on marine conservation NGO to work with to help saving the oceans.

After a lot of research, they finally found the perfect match and reached out to Love the Oceans: a charity that focuses on researching and preserving marine life in Mozambique, while supporting the local community with a bottom-up approach.

Zava Love the Ocean initiative

A real impact

One ring cleans 1lb of plastic.

Love the Oceans does things differently! They are a micro, grass-roots and dedicated organisation that found a way to preserve marine life and do important research while educating and improving the lives of the local community in the Jangamo Bay in Mozambique.

A great example of their approach is their Ocean Trash program. Love the Oceans has collected already more than 400 Kg of Marine debris from 15 Km of Coastline.

After a conversation with the Founder of Love the Oceans, Francesca Trotman, Zava found a way to help this program and create a Love the Oceans collection. Part of the profits from each piece of this collection will help clean up 1 Lb of Plastic from the ocean, to be upcycled and turned into eco-bricks for local development projects.  

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