Our Story

Quality handmade Jewellery
Quality handmade Jewellery

This is the story of how we embraced our true selves during uncertain times. We believe Zava unique jewellery can inspire people to do the same and give voice to their free spirits.

Quality handmade Jewellery

How it all Started.

We met in India in March 2020 when the Pandemic hit. They were both there on short holiday but ended up stranded and locked down in a small town close to the Thar desert, where they found each other. With no way out and a lot of time, they befriended a local master metalsmith and learned the art of jewellery making. 

Our jewellery is the result of countless hours of craftsmanship and thousands of miles travelled to find inspiration and the perfect gemstones. 

We want our jewellery to be a wearable reminder, to inspire our customers to listen to their true self and to design and live their best life.

Moss Agate Ring by Zava

We believe we can all make a difference.

We believe people can make a difference. Consumer’s choices can be extremely powerful yet fashion and accessories brands want to keep things as they are. We believe the jewellery and eCommerce industry can and needs to do better. We want to give back to our planet and raise awareness, that’s why we will plant a tree on your name when you order to offset the carbon footprint of shipping and we designed the Ocean Lover collection to raise funds and donate part of our profits to Love the Oceans, an restoration organisation working to study and preserve marine life in Mozambique.

Love the Ocean Zava Jewelry